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Cruciform #01

Conceived of as a series of five, these cruciform panels explore the space between our culturally coded ideas of nature, and plants as living matter in time and space. They form part of a body of work I have been making for the past six years in Stanmer Park, Brighton, where there is a unique palm house built in 1952 by the council. Each visit brings a sense of anticipation, an excitement about encountering the seemingly abject plants pressed up against the panels of glass. The man made structure creates an enclosed space of disembodied natural processes that separates humans and nature. The plants become objects, there is a disconnect between them and us, a disregard of the complexity of relations that we are engaged in with the earth. This artificial space seems to encapsulate the way we objectify, sanctify and crucify nature.

Just after these images were taken the palm house was repaired and restored for the first time in years, the glass panels were cleansed of their accretion of vegetal matter, the plants chopped back and ordered ready for a new season of growth.